Graphic Design

Tell your story and engage your audience with effective graphic design

Brand Identity

First impressions count… a strong brand identity is crucial to set your business apart from the competition, it needs to engage people in an instant.

Your logo, your font, your colour scheme need to work seamlessly together to create a lasting first impression, that not only expresses your brand values but helps to build value, trust and loyalty within your marketplace.

We invest the time to get to know your business, listening to your story, researching your competition and marketplace and then understanding your vision for the future. Detailed knowledge allows us to deliver a unique brand experience that not only inspires and engages but differentiates your business from its competitors and acts as a springboard to bring your business identity to life. 

Marketing and Advertising

It is essential that graphic design for marketing and advertising communicates and engages directly with your target audience.

A successfully designed campaign should tap into your customers decision-making process and ultimately influence their wants and needs.

In todays market we design just as much creative marketing and advertising campaigns for digital formats, such as; animated billboards and screens, social media, video, and email as we do for print; posters, flyers, banners, newspapers and magazines ensuring both work together to give comprehensive coverage and outstanding results.

Crawford Designworks Advertising

Publication Design

Publications should be attractive, visually interesting, and easy to read.

Newspapers, magazines, local guides, brochures and books all require the combination of typography, graphics, illustrations, features and advertising to be cohesive and clear, so they draw readers in and enable information to be easily understood.

We have a wealth of publication design experience, from design consultation and management systems for complex advertising publications to magazine and brochure layout where effective graphic design is crucial to boost key messages and enhance engagement with your audience.


Like all good design, packaging should tell the story of your product with an aesthetic sensory experience.

There are lots to consider when designing or sourcing the correct packaging solution; What is the product? How big is it? What is it made of? Is it fragile? Who is it for? Can the packaging be environmentally friendly and still fulfil its function?

Lots of questions help us to define the brief and determine the best solution for the product, whether that be a bespoke packaging design or a stock item, either way our design expertise can transform it into something thats sings your brand, fulfils its practical purpose and ultimately appeals to your ideal customer influencing them to buy the product.


Promotional merchandise and can be an effective way to showcase your brand in front of employees and customers.

Branded merchandise can help to build brand awareness, launch a campaign, deliver targeted marketing initiatives, act as a gift to loyal clients or help to raise vital funds for a charity.

Over the years we have successfully designed and delivered a broad selection of merchandise for our clients, including t-shirts, hoodies, pens, mugs, beer mats, playing cards and teddy bears to name but a few.

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