Creative Design

Turn your designs into a work of art.

Art & Illustration

Art and Design are more closely related now than ever before with illustrations being found everywhere and across all forms of media.

Utilising our artistic skill and creative thinking we can not only communicate abstract concepts simply and effectively through illustration, but can also use it as a visual way to portray your ideas, illustrate your written text, tell your story or simply provide decoration to your design.

Illustration can also be an effective way to add personality to your brand identity with your own hand drawn character design, either created traditionally or digitally. The detail and flexibility of illustration allows us to create more expression and personality within your character bringing more life and more connection to your audience.

Crawford Designworks Illustration


A form of visual communication designed to capture attention and enhance comprehension of important data and facts.

Derived from the words, “information” and “graphic”, typically we design infographics as a balance between, powerful statistics, in bold fonts and creative vector artwork, sometimes as stand alone graphics and sometimes as full page scenes with multiple facts and figures.

Whilst vector graphics, icons, charts, tables or graphs, are often the most common ways to efficiently and effectively communicate your information, we also design impactful infographics combining statistics with photographs or video to great effect.

Crawford Designworks Infographics

Prop & Display Design

There maybe occasions where graphics and artwork alone are just not enough to really showcase your brand, event or product.

On occasions like these may require something more tactile or an environment more immersive to really engage your audience.

Our wealth of experience in prop and display design means we can not only source and supply props, but also design stunning bespoke props, eye-catching visual merchandising experiences and immersive displays for windows, stores, events or exhibitions.

Coordinating with our manufacturing partners ensures our prop and display designs are custom-built to the very best specifications and either delivered when you need, or with us working alongside, installed to the very highest standards, to really wow your clients.

CGI and 3D Visuals

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and 3D modelling has the power to excite and inspire through truly stunning immersive animations and visuals.

Transform and elevate your brand logo, visualise a new project or showcase a product in the best possible light to your clients.

Whether purely conceptional or accurate representations, cutting edge technology allows us to create stunning, bespoke imagery that educates and engages your audience.

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